Efficient digitization for Logistics Providers

Focus on helping your customers through market volatility and leave carrier connectivity and shipment workflow automation to us. Movement by project44 is the only platform that can give you the visibility, insights, and workflow tools you need, seamlessly integrated with your systems and partners.

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Deliver the service customers need

Help your customers keep their supply chains on track by removing friction from the process when you share end-to-end visibility insights – all without placing any extra burden on your team.

Spend more time innovating

Focus your IT resources on value-added products that will drive more revenue and attract more customers, rather than building and maintaining automation and carrier connectivity.

Reduce IT and OPs costs

With project44's easy-to-use SaaS platform, you can finally retire inflexible, obsolete legacy systems that monopolize development time and require complex integrations.

Manage disruption with Port Intel™

Be prepared for supply chain challenges with our port intelligence solution.

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The Technology, Products, and Services You Need

While poor network data quality plagues the industry, project44 protects, enhances and delivers the visibility companies need.

Movement by project44 - Reduce Fees

Visibility for Whatever and Wherever

With project44, meeting the evolving needs of your customers won't require a new provider for each new mode and geography. We cover all transportation modes, have the broadest coverage across North America and Europe, and are growing fast in Latin America and Asia-Pacific.

Ocean Visibility

Slash OTIF and demurrage fees with real time data and insights about your container, including those at risk of incurring fees. Learn how integrating our tracking data into your systems can give you an edge on customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

Movement by project44 - Global View

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